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Four zodiac signs that will be favored by the year of the Moon

After a lengthy soul searching and many trials, the year 2020 finally brings good tidings to the following four zodiac signs.


The next year will shower you with so much happiness that you will forget about all your previous complaints. You’ll be much sought after in the first half of the year as usual. Your stamina will be greater than ever, and you will engage in several successful projects at once. It is not out of the question for you to find a new job or get promoted at your workplace.


You have suffered a lot in 2019 and shed many tears because of unfulfilled dreams in love; in 2020, however, things will change. You will start a new relationship, the best period of your love life falling between May 15 and July 27. Keep in mind this period and get ready, as you will most likely have to prepare for your own wedding. You can expect success in your career, and you may travel to a country you have aimed to visit for a while.


There have been many changes in your life during the past two years. Your things will become more organized in 2020, but the changes will continue. You will experience some victories in 2020, when you will be positively reborn, and will have the opportunity to prove to everyone that you still have a few cards up your sleeve. You will be the happiest in July, August and September, and you will also have some beautiful moments in November thanks to an unexpected, positive event.


You always had big dreams and high hopes, and worked hard to achieve your goals. In the year 2020, your dreams begin to outline, and you will have quite a few unique opportunities to unleash your talent. Your will enjoy an excellent health, and you will have some unforgettable surprises in your love life in May and June.