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Four surprising benefits of a late dinner

How many times have you heard it is not good for you to eat late in the evening, as it will damage your figure and your sleep? But, in fact, a late dinner is not as bad as commonly thought in some cases. Here’s how you can benefit from an evening meal without killing your figure.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

In general, we are less active in the evening; this is the reason why any nutritionist suggests not to eat too late if you care for your diet. In addition, if you are on the run all day and eat what you can when you can, you may be tempted to splurge in the evening, and consume way more calories than necessary.

1. A dinner with a low glycemic index may help you control your glycemic level the next day. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that everything you eat for dinner will affect how your body will respond to breakfast. If you want to lose weight or simply want to maintain your health, a light dinner may be the key. For example, you can combine carbohydrates such as lentils and black beans with lean proteins such as chicken or salmon.

2. Carbohydrates will not always transform into fat deposits if you eat them for dinner. If you are used to go to your fitness club regularly, to exercise and to work your muscles, carbohydrates will be absorbed very differently than if you lived a sedentary life. In fact, you need carbohydrates to recover after a physical effort regardless when you exercise during the day. If you exercise after work, don’t deprive yourself of a nutritious dinner. You can eat, for example, bananas or sweet potatoes to load your body with energy.

3. Carbohydrate intake in the evening will help you control your hunger. A study published in 2011 entitled Obesity and Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases reveals that individuals who consumed the most carbohydrates at dinner, underwent some hormonal changes that had as a result a curbed sense of hunger the next day.

4. A serving of proteins before bed may benefit the muscular mass while sleeping. One of the myths about evening meals is that if you eat too late, the body doesn’t have the chance to digest the food. The fact is the body doesn’t stop functioning while we sleep. If you choose you food wisely in the evening, you can help the restoration and functioning of your muscles even more efficiently while you are sleeping.

A study published in 2012 in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise demonstrates that proteins consumed just before going to bed may help muscles restore, especially if you exercise frequently. It is recommended to include casein-rich foods in your dinner such as dairy products.