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Four Diet Myths That Can Be Dangerous

Everybody would like to lose a lot of weight, and fast. At the same time, most of us don’t pay too much attention to the quality of our diet, and its disadvantages that may show up later, although these are many.

Photo: Flickr.com
Photo: Flickr.com

According to lifestyle consultant Dr. Miklós Csiszár it’s worth keeping in mind the following principles:

1. Never too much, too fast

It is not necessary, or even possible to lose all excess body fat in several days. When we talk about a sudden weight loss, a drastic 7 kg less body weight means about 4 kg of water, 0.5 kg proteins and only 2-3 kg fat were lost.

2. Watch the proper ratio of nutrients

Pay attention to consuming proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and high energy foods. Some foods may be low in calories, but poor in nutrients.

3. It is important to adjust amounts according to mealtimes

Breakfast is the most important, and yet the most often skipped; dinner is the least important, and yet, many of us have the day’s biggest fill at dinnertime. If we eat five times a day and distribute meals properly, our body won’t start depositing, because it knows that the next meal will arrive soon.

4. Take advantage of nature

If we consume less oil, bread, pasta and white rice, we can permit ourselves some more leniencies in our diet. For example, if we always cook with olive oil, we can afford to eat a bar of chocolate.