How to fold a jacket or a shirt for storage without creasing

Folding a suit or shirt for storage always gives us headaches; when we remove the bag in which we have packed them, we are likely to find that they are full of unsightly and stubborn creases.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

The solution is given by a simple but very efficient method, which goes as follows:

Spread the jacket front down, and fold back both sleeves so they overlap the edge of the jacket. Then fold up the bottom of the jacket at the horizontal midline. Place the folded jacket in a bag and seal, making sure that there is still sufficient air remaining inside the bag so the jacket won’t crease.

Folding shirts is just as simple. Spread the shirt face down and fold each sleeve horizontally along the width of the shirt and then upwards; finally, fold the sleeves with the cuff downwards.

Simple isn’t it?

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