How to fold a fitted sheet

Folding and storing a fitted sheet proves to be difficult – the result may not turn out the way we want it, and the sheet will occupy a much too big space in the cloister.

fitted sheet

Source: Capture YouTube

The recording below will teach you how to fold a fitted sheet without difficulties. The method is presented by Jill Cooper, an expert in the domain.

For the start, the sheet has to be held at two corners. Then, place the corner held in your right hand into your left hand. Next, lift a corner hanging down and insert it into the space formed by the corners you are holding in your hand. Then, lift the last corner and insert it beside the other corners too.

Place the sheet on a flat surface and fold it exactly the way shown. At the end, fold the sheet until you get to the desired dimension. You will find this method of folding very efficient for your fitted sheet to occupy less space in your closet.

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