Which flowers are the most suitable to keep in windows?

Those who like windows full of flowers should pay attention not only to the colors, but also to the needs of various types of plants.

Geranium has been one of the most beloved window plants for ages, and for a good reason: healthy geraniums bloom from spring to late autumn in decorative and rich colors. Similarly, begonias bring rich blooms even in the shade. Also, one may choose from a rich selection of annuals such as petunia, tagetes, lobelia, salvia, verbena and so on, which are to be sorted according to their height, color, and especially need of sunlight.

Choose plants that bloom for a long time

It is not advisable to keep soft stemmed, perennial plants in the window, as these usually bloom only for a short period each year.

You may choose evergreens as well

Those who love the evergreens can choose from dwarf varieties; these plants have the advantage of decorating the environment in the winter too.

Vegetables may come too!

You can place one or two vegetable plants among flowering plants. A dwarf tomato, one or two sweet peppers, a red onion or garlic, chives or parsley, sorrel and spinach can become handy without compromising the elegance of a window full of flowers.

How to care for plants?

Plants need to be watered with a nutrient solution once a week. Occasionally, cut off the spent flowers and the dry shoots. One of your favorite plants may die from time to time, but these can be replaced in the summer.

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