This flower should find its place in every home! Here’s the reason why

Virtually everyone who grows indoor plants has at least one pot of geranium. This flower has an impeccable reputation, and it is believed that it creates a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

It has been shown that this plant has calming and anti-stress properties, making people around more emotionally balanced and positive. Our editorial board offers 10 impressive reasons for which you deserve to grow this flower on your windowsill.

1. The scent of geranium relieves depression and strengthens the nervous system.

2. This plant is also beneficial in family life and love relationships. A red geranium given to a loved one is a powerful symbol of care and love.

3. Geranium leaves contain essential oil. To see it, just rub the surface of a leaf with your finger. A particularly large amount of oil is secreted during the summer when the plant is exposed to the sun.

Essential oil helps the plant keep its temperature balanced. The sunset watched from behind geraniums gains a special glow, which is due to the evaporation of the essential oil from the leaves.

4. Moths, flies and other insects hate geranium leaves. You can protect your pets from harmful insect bites by rubbing them with geranium leaves.

5. Geranium can be used to treat headaches and colds. This plant cleans the air and kills pathogenic bacteria. Only 10 minutes spent near a geranium can revive you in the morning after your sleep.

To clean the air you can use geranium oil that sold in pharmacies. Just add 3-4 drops of oil in the lamp.

6. Geranium oil regulates hormonal metabolism, and it has an aphrodisiac effect. Add 5 drops of geranium oil in the lamp during a romantic dinner.

7. Geranium is very useful for people who have problems with the nervous system, hypertension, insomnia and cardiac or gastrointestinal diseases. Geranium has a beneficial effect on people who suffer from liver or gall bladder problems. A geranium leaf applied to the problem area will reduce the pain caused by otitis or radiculitis.

8. In traditional medicine, geranium leaves are used to reduce toothache. For this, apply a leaf on your face over the problem tooth.

9. A crushed geranium leaf should be applied on the wrist in case of hypertension.

10. It is considered that the mere presence of geranium in a home prevents the appearing and development of many cancers.

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