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Five types of toxic workmates and tips on how to handle them

Toxic workmates can quickly transform a workplace into a real nightmare. Because of such a person, you may find yourself start considering to leave a job you once loved.

Five types of toxic workmates and tips on how to handle them
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Unfortunately, in our days many people are stressed out, angry, unhappy and tense, and some of them will take out their problems on their workmates. Harassment by toxic colleagues represents an often overlooked cause of decreased productivity at work.

Even an emotionally balanced, very productive person can lose stamina when working alongside a toxic person. It is impossible to stay in the presence of a hypercritical or intimidating person for long without starting to feel upset or unhappy even with yourself.

There are five types of toxic workmates in the presence of whom you need to apply different strategies to avoid their negative influence on your mood and productivity.

#1. The fighter

In fact, a fighter is a coward who picks on those workmates whom he or she perceives as weak or insecure. The way to deal with such colleagues is to present yourself as a very secure and self-assured person. Thus, the fighter will find someone else to pick on.

 #2. The chameleon

A chameleon can be happy and talkative one day, and morose and quiet the next. You never know what to expect from such a person. What you need to try is to never take their behaviour personally, and never try to change them. Just keep being pleasant with them, but also slightly cool and aloof, and you will find that the chameleon can’t drain your energy level if you remain impassable.

#3. The saboteur

This person is so jealous and competitive that he or she will try everything to make your days miserable. You need to be very cautious with such people, can never trust them, and have to make sure to always protect yourself from them. It will probably be necessary to have all conversations with a saboteur in the presence of a supervisor in order to have a witness of everything that has been said and done.

#4. The negativist

This person is unhappy and wants to make you unhappy too. Never try to cheer up such a person, neither get down to his or her level. Instead, simply avoid arguments, keep being optimistic and maybe, just maybe have a positive effect on your negativistic workmate.

#5. The gossiper

This person regards personal information as a value he or she can sell to anyone who listens. No matter how close you think you are to such a person, you will be talked about behind your back for sure. The way to deal with such colleagues is to avoid listening to their gossip and never divulge personal information about yourself. The gossiper will quickly realize that he or she can’t be a winner with you.

Sometimes, regardless of what you do, toxic workmates can be so impossible that the only way to escape them is to find another workplace. If you find this step unavoidable, you shouldn’t regard it as a failure, but as an act of love and respect to yourself.