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Five tricks for cat owners to keep pets happy

If you wish to have a cat for a pet, you need to know that you will have some responsibilities which have to be respected strictly. It is very important to realize that you and only you can assure the best living conditions for your cats.

Five tricks for cat owners to keep pets happy
Photo: Cole and Marmalade/Capture YouTube

Cat owners know how to love and take care of these wonderful creatures. In the video below you will find out about several great ideas which are easy to implement with a minimum effort.

We all know that cats leave behind lots of hair on the couches and in their play area. This can be collected easily if you use a rubber glove.

If the cat gets bored of its toys, it is sufficient to sprinkle these with some cat grass, and the problem is solved. This way, the cats will enjoy even those toys that didn’t catch their attention before.

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To give cats the opportunity to enjoy food in a way that puts their intelligence to a test, cut a small hole into a plastic bottle, and throw in some pieces of dry food. The cats will have to use all the tricks they can to make a piece fall through the hole.

A very original hideaway for cats can be made from a cardboard box into which you cut a circular hole. Dress the box into an old T-shirt so the neck opening is right in front of the hole.

Cats love to play, and what game can be more interesting than the one in which they try to catch a mouse that suddenly pops out of a hole? To offer your cats this fun game, cut small holes into the side of a box and push out a toy mouse through the holes.

These are just a few ways you can make your cats happy and stimulated. Do you know some similar tricks? Please share them with us.