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Five signs that you don’t sit in a correct position on your office chair

Sitting in an incorrect position in an office chair is the leading cause of backaches, so it’s recommended to adjust our body position constantly to avoid suffering later. According to studies, sitting in a chair for 7-8 hours a day shortens life span and worsens our posture even when we don’t sit in the chair. If you compare the postures of a sportsperson and that of an office worker, you will realize the esthetic difference between the two.


What are the signs that you don’t sit correctly in your office chair?

1. You sit hunchbacked

You shouldn’t sit with your back in a completely vertical position; ideally, your back should be lightly tilted, to about 125 degrees, without sitting hunchbacked. If you lean back in the chair too much, your spinal cord will be under pressure for hours. Try to sit more upright, but don’t hold your body stiffly.

2. You sit on the edge of the chair

The ideal position would be for your back and bottom to touch the back of the chair so you don’t put too much pressure on your spine. When you sit at the edge of the chair, the pressure on your back is too much, your hands don’t have a proper support and your eyes are too close to the monitor.

3. You don’t lean on your elbows

Specialists say that we should be able to hold our elbows on the desk in a relaxed position; this demonstrates that our chair is set at a correct height. If we can’t keep at least one elbow on the desk, the shoulders will become rounded, and after a while we won’t be able to hold them straight even while walking.