Five places in Sighisoara, Romania you will fall in love with at once

If you wish to go to a fairytale place or to enjoy the atmosphere of a calmer and more peaceful age, leaving behind the everyday rush, or you simply would like to enjoy some time off with a very special person, then Sighisoara might be one of the best places to visit during a long weekend.

The medieval citadel was built in the 12th century, and it still possesses an unparalleled charm. The area of the citadel is very small, so you can easily walk across it in a matter of two hours. However, if you really want to explore the town, you will need much more time. The magic depends both on the visitor’s imagination and the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Below, we listed five places and activities that will enrich you with a memorable experience if you visit the town.

The Clock Tower

Even though the Clock Tower is not the only entryway to the citadel, we advice you to enter via the Clocktower if you come here for the first time. If you visit in the summer, you can enjoy the fragrance of the lime trees while you are waiting for the clock to signal 12. At this time, the statuettes in the tower will perform their most beautiful dance. If it rains, you don’t have to worry, because the foliage for the huge trees will protect you perfectly.

The Monastery Church

This very imposing church was built on the site of the Friars’ monastery, and it is situated right beside the Clock Tower. The inside of it charms with the simplicity and beauty of the Gothic style, and the church is home to a collection of 35 Oriental carpets. The carpets are over 300 years old and their variety is breathtaking.

If you are longing for some peace and quiet, you can get refreshed in the yard of the hotel just across the street enjoying a glass of beer and a good book, or you just by watching the surrounding colors changing with the intensity of the sunshine.

The Students’ Staircase

Take courage and walk up the covered staircase made up from 172 steps which links the center of the citadel and the school situated nearby the local church. The Students’ Staircase is a good way to climb up the steep hill especially if the weather is not too pleasant or the sun is too strong. In the meanwhile, you can imagine how students climbed these stairs beginning with the 1600’s.

The Evangelical Citadel Church

This majestic and beautiful church is probably one of the most valuable architectural masterpieces in the town. Inside you can admire the frescoes depicting St. George the dragon killer. Also, you should take a walk in the cemetery garden lying just beside the entrance of the church, which is full of simple and elegant tombstones. If you also wish to enjoy some adrenaline rush as it gets dark, walk back down through the entryway leading to the citadel square. The pass is dark and bleak, and it runs alongside a yard in which you can see a horse-drawn hearse over 100 years old on display.

The Citadel Square

Find a terrace and enjoy a glass of unfiltered beer and the wonderful sight of buildings hundreds and hundreds years old. The bright colors and the peacefulness will restore your inner harmony, and you will realize how beautiful it is that people can create things that stay unchanged for years. Listen to the sounds around you and try to imagine how many generations used to sit peacefully in the evenings right where you are sitting now.

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