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Five great uses for coffee grounds

After you make coffee, you shouldn’t throw out the grounds; there are many great ways you can make them useful. There are a few ideas below to prove that coffee grounds can be used for purposes you couldn’t have imagined!

Source: Wikimedia.org
Source: Wikimedia.org

First, start collecting coffee grounds. For some purposes you will need dry grounds, and for others you may use fresh grounds too. Dry the grounds by spreading them on a newspaper or a piece of cloth and set them out into the sun. Keep them in a tin container after they have become completely dry.

1. Coffee grounds are a great nutritional substance for the soil, and they also keep snails away from the garden. Treat the soil with coffee grounds before planting for plants that prefer acidic soil. Some claim that carrots and radishes grow bigger if the seeds are mixed with coffee grounds. Roses like coffee grounds too.

2. Used coffee filters can be placed into the fridge, the freezer and other places where mould and unpleasant smells can occur. Sew two coffee filters together to make a pocket, leaving a small slit through which you can fill the pocket half-full with dry coffee grounds, and then sew off the slit. Place such pockets into odor- or mold-prone places – you can use them successfully in attics and cellars too.

3. If you have a cat that uses flowerbeds to litter, sprinkle in some coffee grounds, making sure they don’t get onto the flowers.

4. If you like fishing, you can keep worms alive in soil mixed with coffee grounds.

5. Coffee grounds chase fleas out of the fur of dogs. After you have washed the dog, rub coffee grounds into the wet fur and leave it to dry. This procedure is efficient in outdoor dogs; however, it is not advisable to use it on dogs indoors, as the coffee grounds will end up all over the carpet.