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Five effective ways to fix a broken zipper

It certainly happened to you too that the zipper of your favorite jacket zipper broke and you couldn’t wear the jacket again. Well, before you throw out the jacket or take it to an expert who repairs or replaces the zip, try one of the following five methods to find out if you can solve the problem and save money.

Five effective ways to fix a broken zipper
Photo: Pixabay.com

1. If the slider can’t join the teeth of the two sides of the zipper, use a plier to squeeze the slider for tightening it.

2. The zipper often doesn’t work because of dirt or dust trapped among the tooth. In this case rub the zipper with soap and wipe off the surface thoroughly with a cloth.

3. If the zipper handle has broken off, you can temporarily replace it with a safety pin or a paperclip.

4. If the tooth is difficult to move, rub it with a piece of soap to reduce friction.

5. If you can’t pull up the zipper on your pants all the way, insert a key ring into the slider and hook the ring on your pants button.

The video below presents the methods in detail.