First Time Photo of Soul Leaving the Body

A Russian scientist managed to capture the moment when the soul leaves a dying person’s body. Konstantin Korotkov used a so-called bioelectric camera to take a photo of the human soul as it leaves the physical body.


His method is a specialized version of Kirlian photography, which utilizes a gas discharge-based visual method that represents human vital force in blue. In Korotkov’s experience, the connection between the physical and astral bodies first discontinues at the head and at the navel, whereas it lasts longer at the groin area and around the heart.

According to the researcher, in those persons who die a sudden or violent death, a sort of energy disturbance occurs; the astral body returns to the physical body during the days following the death, which is due to the unused energy residues. Korotkov, who is the president of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture, declared that by using his energy-translation method, it is possible to perform a detection and real-time diagnosis of the biophysical imbalance.

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