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First they laughed at him, but then he stunned everyone with his unusual talent

It’s never good to judge a book by its cover, and the video below presents a more than eloquent demonstration of this truth. When entering the stage show of “Italy’s Got Talent”, this young man didn’t seem at all like somebody with an exceptional talent, and nobody would have thought he would be so appreciated by all members of the jury.


Francesco is a 21 year old from Naples, Italy, who likes contortionism combined with the dance style called pop-n-lock. When he came onto the stage and stopped in front of the jury, no one suspected what a unique artistic moment will follow.

Cisky, for this is the young man’s scene name, began the performance on a melancholy note, with slow movements like those of astronauts floating in space. But after a few moments, his contortions left the jury with their mouths open.

The young man has an almost unreal ability to bend his hands, feet and his whole body. Those who watched his performance couldn’t help wincing at moments when he twisted or knotted his arms, as it really seemed that those movements must have hurt a lot.

For his talent, the jury rewarded the young man in a way he wouldn’t have expected, propelling him directly in the semifinals of the competition by hitting the gold button. Under the rain of confetti, the visibly excited young man enjoyed the success of his performance.