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First she started to dance like a ballerina, then she amazed everybody with her singing talent

Hollie Steel was only 10 years old when she participated in “Britain’s Got Talent”. Her dream is to become a great dancer when she grows up, but this did not impress Simon Cowell, who started soon enough to show his disinterest, even wanting to press the red button. However, within just a few seconds of her appearance on the scene, Hollie turns from an adorable ballerina into a phenomenal singer and, as you’ll see, Simon’s facial expression changes completely.


Hollie Steel appeared before judges dressed as a little ballerina, maybe not with the skills of a ballerina who studied rigorously graceful movements and pirouettes sensational, but with a great desire to demonstrate her vocal talent.

Initially, Simon was not at all impressed with the performance of the girl, just wanting to press the red button, when a little surprise occurred: Hollie stopped in front of the jury and began to sing the song “I Could Have Danced All Night” with an incredible voice.

Her voice stunned the judges and the audience instantly, and it received a huge applause. Nobody would have thought that a fragile body like hers could hide a voice so impressive.

Simon Cowell, known for his objectivity was amazed Hollie’s voice, recognizing that the girl has a fantastic voice and her performance in the contest is just the tip of the iceberg because she has a much bigger potential than that.