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Fight A Cold With Ginger – The Best Ginger Tea Recipe

Tiger has to be killed in thought first – the rest is a mere formality.”

The quote comes from Confucius, who consumed ginger, an ancient East Indian spice every single day. Even if not everyday, we should eat some of this spice often because of its medicinal qualities.

Why? Because ginger is a natural and very effective remedy against common cold. Its infusion clears airways, soothes a sore throat and coughing, and works as a disinfectant.

Besides these, it cleanses blood, lowers blood pressure, cures edema, enhances digestion and appetite, and can be used to treat arthritis.  It is a perfect remedy against nausea and light-headedness.

We can buy fresh ginger as well, but the powdered, capsuled version also has beneficial qualities. It is better to use grated fresh ginger to cure the flu, because the essential oil called agingerol is the substance that acts as a natural remedy.

Fight A Cold With Ginger - Te Best Ginger Tea Recipe

How to make ginger tea:
Peel and grate or slice up a piece of ginger. Put it in a tea pot and pour hot water over it. Cover the pot and let it cool to less than 60 degrees Celsius. Flavor the tea with honey and fresh lemon juice. (We shouldn’t cut lemon into slices unless we are sure it hasn’t been treated with any chemicals.)

A tip: According to my experience, children prefer colorful teas. We can soak a teaspoonful of hibiscus flowers with the ginger, to obtain a nice red color.

Ginger honey:
Mix together a cup of honey with a cup of chopped or grated ginger. Leave the mixture in a closed jar for at least a day. This honey can be used to flavor any other type of tea.

Warning: persons suffering from gall bladder problems shouldn’t eat ginger honey