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Feng Shui tricks to attract luck, financial well-being and even love

If you want an extra dose of luck in your life, take into account the advice of Feng Shui practitioners and bring improvements to your living space. A few small changes can have the gift to attract financial well-being, health and even a touch of love into your life.

1. Use a touch of green

Feng Shui practitioners associate the color green with luck; green is an upward color which helps you reach your full potential. Use this color in various parts of your interior design, taking into account that varying its intensity will have various results. Pale green provides a new and optimistic beginning, mint green ensures the continuity of your projects and dark green helps their successful completion.

2. Fountain of Fortune

Fountains are strongly recommended by Feng Shui practitioners to attract good luck. If you position a fountain near the main entrance of your house, you’ll have good luck in your career. The fountain should always be clean and the water should run plenty. If the fountain runs dry, your luck will behave accordingly. For even more success, place three shiny coins in the fountain.

Feng Shui tricks to attract luck, financial well-being and even love
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3. Wood furniture

All things made of wood have the ability to attract good luck. Replace synthetic materials and metals with furniture and objects made of wood. You will see a noticeable difference in terms of your prospects, because wood symbolizes the amazing vitality and growth of nature. For extra luck, use bamboo blinds, woven reed mats and wicker furniture sets.

4. Ascending design

Tall, columnar forms have the gift of cheering you up and to infuse into you a good dose of optimism. Whether it is a bookcase, a high-backed chair, vertical pictures, a tall plant or other tall design pieces you choose, they all have the gift of warding off pessimism and negative thoughts. In addition, placing pictures above the eye level can attract good fortune and financial well-being.

5. Striped accessories

Striped patterns help attract good fortune, as they ensure a smooth and efficient flow of the energy. Vertical stripes, especially, are very effective in this respect, as they connect the sky and the earth at the level of energies; so when you need an extra dose of luck, make sure to wear a piece of striped clothing.