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Are you fed up with flat bicycle tires? Here’s the first tire that doesn’t need to be inflated

Bicycle rides are always a source of relaxation. A bicycle offers you the opportunity to exercise in open air or to reach your destination faster.

Are you fed up with flat bicycle tires? Here's the first tire that doesn't need to be inflated
Photo: Nexo Tires/YouTube

Because traditional bicycles are not equipped with an electric engine and don’t consume any fuel, there shouldn’t be any obstacle for you to enjoy a quiet journey when you get out for a bike ride. However, there’s a problem that gives you headaches many times: flat tires.

Fortunately there is a wonderful solution to solve this problem. Ryan, Jake and Dave are three innovative young man who own a bicycle store and managed to develop a set of revolutionary tires.

Evertires and Nexo are too spectacular products that can be mounted on easily, don’t need any special maintenance and have a very long lifespan. Evertires are made from a mixture of very resistant polymers which offer bicycle owners the possibility to use them on any kind of road. They are designed to be lightweight and to have about 8000 km lifespan.

With these revolutionary tires, you can enjoy quiet and relaxing rides without worrying about a flat tire.