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Family Dog Helps to Catch Abusive Babysitter Red Handed

The nanny used to beat the little boy for months before the parents realized it. The abuse was discovered with the help of the family dog.


If animals could talk, they would probably tell about many interesting things. This case of abuse could also have been discovered much earlier.

The Jordan family from South Carolina was looking for a patient nanny to take care of their 7 month-old son. They apparently found one in the person of Alexis Khan. The girl had looked after the adorable Finn for five months when the parents became aware of a strange thing: Kilian, their labrador couldn’t stand the girl. As soon as she appeared, the dog started showing his teeth and growling, and showed signs of trying to protect Finn from her.

The parents found the behaviour of the animal very peculiar, and one day they decided to leave their cell phone in the house to record what was going on. What they heard when they listened to the recording made them extremely upset.
At it turned out, the 22 year old girl was abusive with the little boy. She yelled “Shut your mouth!” and “Shut up!”, and then she slapped and shook the toddler. As soon as the Jordans heard the recording, they filed a report at once and took the child to the doctor. Fortunately it turned out that their son was not harmed.

“If I could, I would travel back in time, so this woman may never touch my son”, said the father. He is only consoled by the fact that Alexis ca’t abuse the little boy anymore.

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