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An extraordinary meditation to gain energy: when you eat, imagine your food being surrounded by light!

Every time you eat something, you should imagine your food being bathed in light. This helps to energize everything you swallow; in fact, you don’t even need to believe in this. But what do you have to lose anyway? When you learn a new thing that can’t possibly hurt you, in fact there is even a good chance it is good for you, why shouldn’t you try it? Why shouldn’t you do something to have more energy?

When you eat something, imagine the food being surrounded by light, and tell your body to absorb only what is good for you and eliminate everything harmful as quickly as possible.

Also, don’t forget to thank those who cooked the food or contributed to making the food, from obtaining the ingredients to the preparation of the meal. This part of the meditation is also very energizing – any form of gratitude energizes both the person who is grateful and the person who receives thanks.

You need to practice this meditation until it becomes a habit. Any good habit can have only consequences that are highly beneficial for you, and it is a sign of self-love. Don’t forget that you get as much love from others as much you give yourself. You can practice new beneficial habits one at a time, and when a good habit becomes a part of you, you can start practicing another habit.

This practice is similar to learning to drive a car. At first, you need to make an effort to think about all details, but gradually everything becomes easier. At the end you will realize that acquiring a good habit doesn’t require more than a few seconds at each meal. You could use your own strategies to make your learning easier; for example, write the words LOVE and LIGHT on sheets of paper and display them in your kitchen. Every method that helps you is very important for your learning.