Everyone was skeptical when she came onto the stage, but then she vowed the audience with Cilla Blacks’ classic

The world’s most famous talent show, X Factor and the fear of the mentors, Simon Cowell, with his \extremely candid opinions, are a favorite of millions. The show does not lack performers who are jeered at by the audience when they first appear on the stage. But life is full of surprises…

Everyone was skeptical when she came onto the stage, but then she vowed the audience with Cilla Blacks' classic

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Jacqueline Faye is one of the best examples. When the 53-year-old woman walked up into the limelight and introduced himself as an Oxfordshire farmer, the crowd had already judged her. The jury was skeptical as well, except for Robbie Williams. He was less prejudiced of her, perhaps because Jacqueline confessed that Robbie was her favorite mentor.

Jacqueline confessed that she thought Robbie was not just a joke master but an icon, and the kind of guy she would not hesitate to welcome into her family. She also told that she lives on a farm with her husband. They have a lot of animals, her favorites being two peacocks called Dave and Chaz, who have always been her loyal fans. The audience could not help but laugh at this point…

After a less than warm welcome, Jacqueline gathered all her courage and started singing. She had chosen Cilla Black‘s classic entitled “You’re My World”, and her performance stunned the entire audience. The old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ is perfectly true in case of Jacqueline. Even Simon Cowell acknowledged that when she entered he thought that perhaps she ended up in the wrong show.

It is clear that the warm-hearted farmer lady can expect more success in the future thanks to her wonderful voice. Jacqueline’s husband is certainly very proud of his wife, just like the two peacocks on the couple’s farm.

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