Everybody joins in singing a famous song, but the man on the left is the one who amazes the entire audience

Music is ageless, and so are the artists who bring it to life. The man in this video stuns the entire audience with an exceptional performance along with a choir of elderly people.

Fred Nittle, a man aged 83 years, brings tears in the eyes of the spectators with his singing. He had rehearsed the song “Fix You” with his best friend, who unfortunately didn’t live to sing in the show.

Although visibly shaken and not in a very good state of health, Fred decided that he would try to interpret the song alone. Under the applause of the spectators, Fred goes on stage, sits on a chair and gives an exceptional performance for his age. Along with the “Young @ Heart Chorus”, a group from Massachusetts made entirely of persons aged between 73 and 89 years, they managed to reach everybody’s heart in the audience.

The choir was founded in 1982 and is best known for interpreting the songs of artists such as Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix and Sonic Youth. The members of the choir became more popular after this exciting show than ever thanks to Fred Nittle’s performance.

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