Everybody believed he was a very clumsy barman – until he left the audience speechless

Music lovers grab every opportunity to enjoy singing various songs, and they try to choose what to sing depending on their talent and musical preferences. Karaoke evenings are usually the most popular and funny events of this kind.

John Bon Jovi and the personnel of a karaoke club prepared a little surprise for their guests. With the aid of several specialists from Hollywood, Bon Jovi’s appearance was changed in a way that nobody could recognize her. He put on a fake beard, a wig, large glasses and a cowboy hat, entered the karaoke room and gave the microphone to one of the women present there. After several of his songs were belted out in less than memorable ways, the famous artist couldn’t restrain himself anymore, and started to demonstrate how they should sing the songs.

After several songs, the singer took off his disguise. At this point, the excitement of the girls went through the roof. The moment they recognized him they started screaming with delight. No doubt this was an unbelievable evening for all present at the club.

The singer used the stint to promote his humanitarian campaign meant to help children and adults in need. Those who donate will have the chance to join him in a concert. All our respect to this wonderful man.

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