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Every French woman wants this hairstyle this year – They love the chic, feminine look

Every French woman wants a ragged haircut this this year for a chic, feminine look. A bohemian yet feminine, soft-flowing hairstyle is the French women’s favorite this year.

French women are famous for their chic style, for which they seem to have a natural flair. They are able to be elegant without going over the top, their outfits don’t look forced and they avoid overly provocative clothes. They can teach us not only about clothes, but also about hairstyles.

The bob hairstyle is one of their biggest favorites, and they also like to wear bangs. This winter, a relaxed and yet feminine cut with a youthful elegance is the look most of them are going for.

French women’s favorite hairstyle

Parisian hairstylist and salon manager David Mallett told Vogue that his chic clientele’s favorite hairstyle is the teased, gradual, soft effect ‘do’, usually complemented by thinning bangs that fall to the shoulders in tufts. Straight, angular bobs have given way to softer, more natural textures, while the sophisticated, perfectly combed style has been replaced by more bohemian effects.

This style looks great on both wavy and straight hair, and has the advantage of not requiring too much styling in the morning: you have to just straighten it a little, perhaps fix it with a little hairspray, and your slightly messy French style crown is ready.

Of course, the length can be varied, so you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with and that suits your face shape. Shoulder-length, mid-length and long hairstyles all look great with a teased, slightly ragged French cut. However, it’s important not to make it too thinning, as this can make the hair look less voluminous and can make the hairstyle unflattering.

According to the hairdresser, it is important that the bangs are not cut too sharp, but look natural and soft and the blend is gradual. He added that the hair should be slightly teased and thinned on both sides of the head similarly to the bottom of a pair of fringed jeans. He also says that sometimes it’s better to have an irregularity in the hairstyle. But if you don’t feel that full bangs are for you, curtain bangs in the middle of the forehead are a great alternative.

The fringed cut is a good choice for oval and heart-shaped faces, and even for those who want to draw attention away from their high forehead. For a round head shape, it’s a good idea to leave the hair longer to balance the proportions and ask your hairdresser for a slightly teased version.

It’s safe to say that French ladies can’t get enough of this chic, bohemian look, and it’s likely to take over the world soon.

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