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Elderberry, the fragrant and healthy miracle flower of the spring

The white flowers of the elderberry tree are enjoying a growing popularity nowadays because of their healing properties. The flowers are used in the medicine industry, but also in the food and beauty industries as well. The latter uses them for their pleasant, spring-evoking perfume.

Elderberry is a very common tree that blooms in May and June. Its bark and leaves don’t smell good, so if somebody doesn’t know elderberry trees very well, they might think it’s not worth growing. But, if they smell the scent of the flowers, they will change their opinion instantly. The umbrella-shaped composite flowers have a wonderful, strong, refreshing smell.

Superstitions about the elderberry

According to German mythology, elderberry serves witches, who actually gain their special powers from this tree. It used to be believed that the scent of elderberry flowers, although pleasant, will cause dizziness and confusion. Also, because no other plants like to grow around elderberry trees, it used to be believed that evil spirits live around elderberry trees.

The medicinal benefits of elderberry flowers

The flowers mustn’t be picked on rainy, wet days. Instead, you should pick them in sunny weather, so they have the chance to dry completely. You can use them in tea mixtures, but also in tinctures, and you can make a wonderful soft drink from elderberry flowers as well.

Elderberry flowers are excellent in treating illnesses that cause fever, because they hydrate the body and induce sweating. Elderberry tea has a slightly diuretic effect, so it can offer a solution in treating the diseases of the urinary tract and the kidneys. Persons on a weight-loss diet may also drink elderberry for its diuretic effects.

Homeopathic medicine made from elderberry flowers strengthens the immune system, has a detoxifying fact, and also potency problems in men and menstruation pains and other disturbances in women.