Don’t throw them away – five things you can do with burned out light bulbs

If a light bulb burns out, usually the first thing we do is to throw them in the garbage or in the recycling bin. However, there are much better solutions than these – we can actually reuse burned-out lightbulbs.

First of all, open up the metallic bottom part to remove the inside of the lightbulb. You will need scissors and various size screwdrivers. When you’re ready, and the bulb is completely empty, rinse it out with water.

For example, you may use the bulb to store paperclips in. Also, a lightbulb can serve as a vase; all you will need is to place a circular support underneath so the bulb doesn’t tip off. You may also build a small sun-powered battery into the empty lightbulb, which you can then hang up in a sunny place and enjoy its light.

You may also turn an empty lightbulb into a lampion. Narrow the hole with a screw so you can insert a wick, and then pour in kerosene and place the bulb on a circular support.

The last idea is the most interesting. You will need the spiral from an old corkscrew. Insert a small screw where the corkscrew and the bulb will join, and then fill up the lightbulb almost to the rim with InstaMorph, the mouldable plastic, and place the bulb into a muffin tin. Bake it in the oven; when the plastic has melted, add some more InstaMorph until the lightbulb fills up completely and place it back into the oven again. When the plastic has completely melted, take the bulb out from the oven and insert the corkscrew. Then cool off the lightbulb under cold water, gently break the glass, and remove the glass pieces. Your lightbulb-shaped corkscrew is ready.

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