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Don’t throw out used tea bags – they are useful for many purposes

The beneficial effects of tea are very well known, and we are all aware how indispensable is a delicious honey and lemon tea is in creating instant physical comfort. There are several types of this wonderful drink that, regularly consumed, can do a lot for our health.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

But do you know what other purposes tea bags can be used for? Most people discard the teabags after soaking them in how water for a few minutes. By watching the video below, you can learn some great ideas about what used teabags are good for.

Never dispose of teabags after use; instead, collect them in a box, so they can be at hand at any time. They will help if you have a stubbornly itching insect bite, whether it was caused by a mosquito, a wasp, or any other insect. Wet a tea bag and press it onto the bite for a couple of minutes, and you’ll find that the inflammation will immediately begin to disappear, and the itching will stop too.

Keep tea bags in athletic shoes when they are not in use, as tea bags absorb odors. For the same purpose, keep used tea bags in the refrigerator as well.

Greasy dishes can be cleaned much more efficiently if you place a few teabags into the water in which you soak the dishes. As a result, even the most stubborn fat will be removed. 

Insects, spiders, rodents and ants don’t like the powerful scent of tea. If you place teabags into food cabinets, insects and rodents won’t go near them.