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All these dogs want nothing else but the friendship of cats, but they are refused

In this funny video clip, several dogs try to win cats as friends, but the felines demonstrate to them clearly and concisely that they have no interest in being friends. However, some of them seem to be interested first to see if there’s any good in being friends with a dog.


If we wanted to draw a conclusion about the two animals based on what we see in cartoons, it would be that they have hated each other as long as they existed. However, even though many people thing cats and dogs are natural enemies, it is possible that this belief is a myth.

One of the reasons for this belief could be these animals’ very different and sometimes opposite body language to express emotions, and their rivalry for the title of the best company animal.

But, is it possible that this duel for affection is not mutual?

The above video clip presents a selection of short movies in which dogs clearly want the friendship of cats. But, as you can see, the cats are usually not very happy with the advances made by dogs, and they are not interested in the comical situations created by the dogs.

The conclusion is clear: dogs certainly annoy cats with the way they try to make friends with them.