The doctor presses hard on the baby’s back – watch why he is doing that

Colic is not a concrete disease, it is rather a state. Many babies suffer from stomach cramps called colic, as a result of bloating and gas produced in the intestines. It is very difficult to get rid of colic – the pain will come back again and again in the first few months after a baby is born.

Sometimes you may feel like you have tried every single cure, and your baby still cries practically all day. What is there to do?

In the video, a pediatrician shows how to cure colic in a few minutes. Dr. Ian Rossborough places the baby on his knees, massages his back on a certain spot and then pulls gently on the spinal cord. This sudden movement causes the baby to cry, but she can be soothed in a few seconds.

The sound of cracking that can be heard in the video caused great disturbance, and many of those who watched the video posted negative comments; the doubt can certainly arise whether this method is good for babies. The Australian doctor, on the other hand, says that he’s been using the method for 20 years, and nobody ever complained about any side effect. In fact, this treatment always helped babies as it stops colic and makes them much calmer.

Please take note, though, that only a doctor can do this treatment, and no parent should ever try it at home.

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