Do It Yourself – Decorating with Pumpkin

Pumpkin decorations have become popular only in the past few years in our country. Without using any Western tradition as a model, I think pumpkin is simply great decoration material. We don’t need to copy dressing up in costumes and running around the neighborhood for candy, or celebrate Halloween. A nice pumpkin can make grey autumn evenings more cheerful by itself.

I would like to share three ideas on how to decorate pumpkins, and none of them is about scraping out their flesh and put a candle in. If their skin is intact, pumpkins can be kept indoors, as room temperature won’t harm them.

Chevron pumpkin in a fashionable zigzag pattern

What you will need:

• A pumpkin
• 1,5 cm wide masking tape
• Paint spray
• Pencil
• Sharp cutter


Probably this kind of pumpkin decoration needs the most work, because the zigzag pattern has to be drawn first. However, keep in mind that we are decorating a pumpkin,, not the walls of our home, so a less than perfect distance ratio or not-so-straight lines are not a problem.

Decoupage Pumpkin

What you will need:

• A pumpkin
• Masking tape
• Paint spray
• Napkins
• Decoupage Glue
• A brush
• scissors


We are moving from the most complicated technique to the easiest one, so this is the happy medium.

Pumpkin in a Lace Sock

What you will need:

• A pumpkin
• 1 pretty lace sock
• Thin tread of the same color
• Masking tape and paint spray (optional)


There are really no special skills needed to make this decoration. We painted the base for color coordination

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