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DIY: Peach jam with tarragon

The tarragon is mostly known as a flavor added to tangy and spicy foods; now, however, it will be combined with honey-sweet peaches. If you try the following recipe you will find that some tarragon will boost the neutral flavor of the peaches.


Ingredients: 2 kg white peaches, three stalks of tarragon, 2 teaspoons of pectin, 200 g sugar, juice of half a lemon.

Scald the peaches by holding them in boiling water for a minute, so you can easily pull off their skin. Place them in a bowl of cold water so they cool down quickly, and quickly pull of the skins. Then dice the peaches, put them into a saucepan, and discard the seeds. Add fresh tarragon leaves, sprinkle the sugar on the peaches, and cook them.

When cooked, thicken the juice with a little sugar mixed with pectin and flavor with a few drops of lemon juice; boil for just a few minutes longer. Pour them into well-washed jars and turn the filled jars upside down for five minutes to sterilize them.

This jam goes well with sweets such as pancakes, but because of its tangy flavor, it can also be used in the dressing of roast chicken, fried chicken or grilled meat.

If there is any tarragon left, do not throw it away – make tarragon vinegar instead. Boil up 300 ml of 10 percent vinegar with the same amount of water, place the tarragon leaves into it, boil some more and then cool the vinegar down. Pour it into nice shaped bottles, and it is ready to be used to flavor bean soup or scalloped potatoes.