DIY Idea: How to make some lovely Christmas ornaments out of yarn

Like everything else in the world, Christmas ornaments come and go out of fashion regularly. Every single year, fashion gurus determine which colours should be the trend of the season: silver, burgundy, blue-gold and so on.

If you love Christmas for its own sake, you don’t really care what the actual trend is. This year, we decided to make some lovely string ornaments, which can be made in any color combination to match the color scheme of your Christmas decor.

What you will need

  • A skein of yarn
  • Glue
  • A brush
  • One or two small paper cones

The procedure

Prepare the paper cones in advance; choose their size depending on the size of the ornaments you would like to make.

For this, you simply need to take an old magazine, tear out a page and roll it into cone shape, then glue down the edge. Then take some yarn and roll it around the cone. At the end, cover the yarn with transparent glue, allow it to dry and then remove the paper cone.

For making round decorations, blow up a balloon to the desired size and then roll yarn around the balloon. Again, cover the string in glue, wait until it dries, and then deflate and remove the balloon.

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