DIY: Homemade sunscreen cream

It can’t be repeated enough that too much sunbathing is very harmful to the skin. UV rays speed up the appearance of wrinkles and they play a role in the development of skin cancer. Because of these reasons, protection is very important both during summer holidays and during everyday life. On any given day, it may happen that we spend a longer time in the sun.



There are many kinds of sunscreens available in stores with various factors and extras, which are promised to offer increased protection. It is also possible to make sunscreen cream at home, which will have the advantage of being free of harmful chemicals. If you have a sensitive skin, homemade sunscreen is especially recommended.


  • 50 g shea butter
  • 50 g lanoline
  • 25 tablespoons sesame oil
  • 15 g sun blocker powder – a mixture of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide


Melt and mix the shea butter with the lanoline and the sesame oil over steam. When the oils are completely liquid and well mixed, add the sun blocker powder too. Pour the mixture into an empty plastic container. You may start using it right after it cools down.

The mixture of shea butter and lanoline makes an excellent skin care cream. Sesame oil and the sun blocker powder protect from harmful UV rays and sunburns.  Sesame oil will make the sunscreen stay on the skin even during and after swimming.

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