Despacito played on cello – it’s a delight!

The resonance of musical instruments that musicians give life to often leave us speechless. The performance of the two cello players in the video is the indisputable proof of their virtuosity.

Despacito played on cello – it's a delight!
The members of the 2Cellos duo are Luka Sulic from Croatia and Stjepan Hauser from Slovenia. They have already gained a high reputation with their remarkable performances of some original musical scores for stringed instruments.

The famous duo has recreated legendary songs only with the two cellos. Recently, they enchanted music lovers with a fantastic interpretation of Despacito, an international hit song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and their version has collected almost ten million views in a short time.

This is no surprise considering how much joy and passion they display, synchronizing perfectly throughout their performance and creating an exceptional musical dialogue. Luka and Stjepan say that they created this arrangement spontaneously, and they recorded it at a local bar and on the streets around the studio. They think it’s an extraordinary song, and they wanted to share the joy of music and the summer.

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