Cyclamen, a plant that releases positive energies in your home

Cyclamen is an ornamental plant with spectacular flowers that originates from the Mediterranean region. The colors of cyclamen may vary from white to pink, red and purple; if it is well taken care of, it may bloom for 3–4 years.

Cyclamen, a plant that releases positive energies in your home


The beneficial powers of the plant

Cyclamen is sure beautiful, but there is more to it than being a decorative plant. Cyclamen leaves are circular and they are able to release positive energies, creating a restful and pleasant atmosphere in a home.

Scientists have recognized the beneficial powers of the plant: cyclamen has a very high amount of saponin that neutralizes free radicals, and prevents cancer and degenerative illnesses in general.

Medicine in pots

White and purple cyclamen is used to treat illnesses of the liver, respiratory illnesses, rheumatism and neuralgia.

Cyclamen extract stabilizes the hormonal system, regulates menstrual cycles and treats infertility. The plant has beneficial effects on persons who suffer from cardiac rhythm and immune system disturbances, diabetes and allergies.

Cyclamen, a plant that releases positive energies in your home


How to take care of your cyclamen

The soil should drain well, as cyclamen has very thin roots that may rot if they sit in water.

Temperature–overnight temperature shouldn’t be higher than 10°C, and during the day it shouldn’t go above 20°C. In temperatures too high, the leaves of cyclamen will turn yellow and the plant will stop blooming.

Light–cyclamen should never be kept in direct sunlight, but it needs a lot of light.

Watering–during the fall and the winter, the plant should be watered through the saucer of the pot. During the spring and summer, it should be placed in a spot as cool as possible, without direct sunlight, and it should be watered rarely.

Good to know:

Never keep a cyclamen in a hot kitchen or close to a radiator, as it will wither. Right after the plant stops blooming, reduce watering.

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