How to curl your hair without using an iron

Women are willing to do a lot to have a beautiful and special hairdo. Some of us are able to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning to style our hair and make it look the best possible. Of course, preparation the morning doesn’t take a short time, but it’s probably worth it.

If you appear with the following hairdo, you will probably be complemented a lot. If you would like to have curls but don’t want to use a curling iron and don’t like perm, you will like the method shown in the video.

All you need is an elastic headband and a little hairspray. First, use the spray and then place the headband onto your head. Then roll up your hair tress by tress as shown in the video. Curl your hair as tight as possible to make the curls more defined.

Leave your hair like this overnight, and then take off the headband in the morning and brush out your lovely natural-looking curls.

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