How to create the loveliest curls with the aid of paper towels

Those who want to create perfect curls may think that they have to resort to the services of a professional. However, this is not exactly true. You can create the perfect curls at home with the aid of a very simple object you have in your kitchen: paper towels. You have never thought this, have you?

Let’s see how you can make your hair look as if you have visited a professional hairstylist.

Take a tress of your hair, wet it slightly, but don’t make it dripping wet. Use a paper towel and roll up the tress starting at the bottom and continuing until you get to your scalp, and then tie the ends of the paper towel together. Continue until your hair is a curled up.

Keep your hair curled overnight. The next morning remove the paper towel, and you will find that your curls are exactly the way you wanted them.

Use stronger paper towels that don’t tend to tear while you roll up your hair. Your curls great will last longer if you treat them with some hairspray.


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