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Could You Use Some Extra Money? Three money-bringing magical practices that may help so

These money making practices for simpletons may help your finances or not.

Would you like to buy a pretty pair of shoes that not only have high heels but also a high price? Would you like to improve your home interiors, but you can’t afford it? Would you like to go away for the weekend, but you don’t have the means? If you need some extra money, you can use some money making magic within the real of the exoteric.

For the following trucks there is no need for expert hands; you can perform them even if you have never applied esoteric practices for money making. Not only the magic, but the tools are easy to find in your home or in stores.

The horoscope magic

You will need candles and two coins. Have a green candle to symbolize money, the other one a color that corresponds to your zodiac sign. Aries – red, Taurus – light red, Gemini – yellow, Cancer – silver, Leo – gold, Virgo – brown, Libra – light blue, Scorpion – burgundy, Sagittarius – dark blue, Capricorn – dark green, Aquarius – orange, Pisces – light green.

Put your zodiac candle to the right side and the money candle to the left side. Put the two coins in the middle.

Light the candles and burn them for 15 minutes. Think of the sum you need. Blow out the candles, first the zodiac one and then the green one.

A six day magic

For this magic you need a bit more time, so choose it only if you have patience. The ritual has to be repeated once a day for six days.

You need a green candle, a paper and a pen. Write how much you need on the paper, and the date you would need the money on. Then put the candle on the paper and light it.

With your hands between the candles, ask the universe that the light would show you the way to find the money. After done, blow out the candle and imagine you have reached your goal and you will have the money.

Feng Shui for Money

If you don’t like hocus pocus, and you would rather not use magic, you can call for money using feng shui. According to the ancient Chinese tradition, certain colors and smells can help financial progress.

Put purple and green objects in the money area of your home. You can use clove, verbena or lavender incense or an essential oil burner, because these smells bring in money too. In time, these feng shui practices will bring fruit and your wallet may become thicker.