Could you have imagined this can happen if you leave your child unsupervised?

This video will leave you speechless. The cases it presents are absolutely shocking, and sadly these are becoming more and more frequent. It is incredible that doctors encounter an increasing number of children intoxicated with the same substance. Do you want to know what this substance is? Watch the video!

Children under 12 years, even a 6 year old girl, were taken to the hospital with serious intoxication due to consumption of an inappropriate substance. Of course, you wouldn’t think for a moment that these children got drunk in clubs or bars, right? Not at all! They got intoxicated at home, the place which is supposed to be the safest for them.

How does such an incredible thing happen?

These children all inhaled or ingested hand sanitizer, which, as we know, contains at least 50-75% alcohol. This means that only 3 drops of this substance contains an average amount of alcohol equal to three tequila shots, according to experts. If you have children, you are probably very glad you have found out in time about this health hazard.

Source: WTNH News8

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