The cosmic show of 2018 – a series of five eclipses

A series of five eclipses, including the longest moon eclipse in the past 100 years, as well as three comets will be part of the cosmic show offered by nature in 2018, and they can be admired by the inhabitants of different regions of the world.

There will be more sun and moon eclipses than usual, and one of them, the moon eclipse of July 27, the longest one of the past 100 years, will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes.

According to specialists, the eclipse will be part of another unusual phenomenon – a series of three eclipses linked to each other, two partial sun eclipses and a total moon eclipse.

Sun and moon eclipses usually occur in pair. Any eclipse is only possible if the Sun, Moon and Earth are at the same level and in line. Because the Moon makes half a turn around the Earth in about two weeks, if the three celestial bodies remain at the same level, two eclipses occur in a month.

At this time there will be three eclipses: two solar eclipses on July 13 and August 11, and a moon eclipse on July 27.

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