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Convince him to have a haircut! 5 top hair styles for men

Even though men’s hair styles aren’t as popular and varied as those of women’s, this doesn’t mean that men’s hairdos have to be neglected and that they can’t keep track fashions in the domain of hairstyling. Inspire or coax your boyfriend to have a hairdo. Let’s see what hairstyles are worn in 2014!

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The Pompadour style, one of the most popular hair styles for men

The Pompadour style is more and more popular among men. You must have noticed during the past years that more and more male stars started to wear them. The name of this style comes from the courtesan Madame de Pompadour, the lover of Louis the XV.

The famous hairstyle of Elvis made a tour around the world, and it survived in history as a special signature style; however, times have changed and this hair style underwent certain changes. Hair on the sides and the back of the head is cut short, whereas the hair on the top if the head is left longer and it is styled according to the facial shape and the stylist´s creativity. To maintain a perfect hairdo, your boyfriend needs quality styling products.


The Quiff hair style – an interesting change

This type of hair style had its heyday in the 50s and the 60s. It is a combination of the Pompadour style with a flat top. This hair style is for bold men, and it can`t be done from short hair. The volume of this style offers an interesting note to masculine features, the key words being nonconformist, attitude and rock and roll.


Asymmetrical details in men`s hair styles

Suggest your sweetheart to resign to classic hairstyles and try an asymmetrical one, which is easy to maintain and can be altered if needed, depending on his moods and special events. For example, he can leave the bangs hanging, or he can smooth them back with some gel – nothing can be simpler. Such a hair style may offer a number of interesting looks, denoting a versatile personality.


Rebel hair styles

Hair styles created from curly hair impose certain rules. If your lover wishes to have the office look, he`ll have to use styling products or, otherwise, he may opt for a hair style with rebel accents, which will call into evidence a passionate personality. Rebel hair styles may also be created from straight hair, but in this case tresses need to be made look slightly messy with the help of the fingers or some special products.


The office hair style

Does your partner prefer smooth hairstyles, or his career demands wearing a well-groomed hairdo? In either case, show him what hair styles for men would be advantageous for him. Side parts with well-combed hair are perfect for meetings and the office, and they can also be worn outside business hours with casual clothing.

Show these photos to your boyfriend and decide together which would be the hairstyles that suit him the most. Regardless of what style he opts for, the important thing is to have an attitude and a dressing style that compliments his new hairdo.

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