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What computer screens do to your eyes

Persons who spend a lot of time in the office with their eyes glued to the computer screen will have modifications of the tear fluid similar to those persons who suffer from dry kerato-conjunctivitis, a disease of the eye also known as the dry eye syndrome.

Source: Wikimedia.org
Source: Wikimedia.org

The lacrimal liquid is secreted in order to maintain the eyeballs wet, necessary for the health of the eyes.
In case of persons who are suffering from dry eye syndrome, there is a decrease in the protein MUC5AC secreted by cells found in the structure of the upper eyelids. The same phenomenon has been observed in persons who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, has shown researchers from Keio University, Tokyo. During the study, 96 persons have been examined, whose work involved working on computers for a considerable amount of time daily.

When we stare at computer screens, we blink more rarely than when we read; also, we tend to open our eyes larger than usual, and the liquid on the surface of the eyeballs evaporates faster due to the larger surface exposed to air.

Dry eye syndrome will cause irritation, a sensation of burning in the eyes and clouded vision; persons who suffer from this syndrome are less productive and JAMA Ophthalmology.

How can we reduce the risk of the dry eye syndrome? The computer screen has to be set in a lower position, with the screen tilted towards the front. Also, we should use air humidifiers in the office, and avoid sitting in drafty areas. Also, we should blink more often, and to use special eye drops whenever necessary (artificial tears).