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How to clean a gas stove oven using natural ingredients

When it comes to cleaning, gas stove ovens can be the nightmare due to a layer of burned grease deposited on its walls.

Source:  Kathryn Harper/Flickr.com
Source: Kathryn Harper/Flickr.com

A good solution for cleaning ovens would be store bought tar removers, but these contain strong chemicals and emanate toxic fumes. If you want to avoid using them, you can learn about a simple cleaning method below with the use of friendly ingredients available in every household.

You will need the following:

  • vinegar
  • kitchen salt
  • 100 g baking soda

Sprinkle the salt at the bottom of the oven where the layer of grease is the thickest. Fill a heat resistant bowl with water with a cup of vinegar dissolved in it, place it on the rack inside the oven and turn on the oven to 230-250 °C. Leave the heat on for 20-30 minutes so the hot steams can soak into the grease, making it easier to remove. The vinegar will eliminate unpleasant smells.

Dissolve the baking soda in a little warm water to obtain a paste. Open the door of the oven and let the steam out. Wipe the oven walls with a wet cloth and scrub them with the wet baking soda. Allow the baking soda to act for several minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. You will end up with a clean oven, guaranteed.