How to choose your bed – 3 FENG SHUI rules for bed and mattresses

In feng shui, there are rules set up on how to choose beds and mattresses in order to attract health and luck.

The Qi energy, also called the dragon’s cosmic breath, which can be positive or negative, plays an important role in the practice of feng shui.

A bedroom with a good Feng Shui has the positive energy necessary to enjoy success in life. Of all rooms, the bedroom receives the most special attention in feng shui arrangements.

A modern bed with a comfortable and relaxing mattress doesn’t provide a restful sleep in the absence of feng shui rules.

The bed and the mattress each have a specific Qi energy. If the energy is positive, then we will rest well, while if it is negative, it will prevent us from recharging our batteries overnight.

Feng Shui beds and mattresses are designed to attract positive Qi energy, health and good fortune and to block negative energies.

It is not advisable to use a bed over 9 years old or one that has defects or scratches, as we risk attracting obstacles and problems in love.


It is not good to use two mattresses on a bed instead of a large mattress. Two mattresses attract infidelity, suspicion and divorce at less than 2 years of use.

Also, if the mattress is not the same size as the bed frame the remaining gaps attract financial losses and bad luck in one’s career, and mattresses that move in the frame attract instability in relationships.

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