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Choose a door and you will find out what your choice tells about your future

Look at the doors and the road behind them, and pick the one that you like the most. Your choice will tell a lot about your personality and your future prospects.

Source: littlechurchmouse.com

Door 1: Your path is the path of freedom. It is important for you to enjoy your private space and to build your own way to your independence. You tend to consider various possible solutions before making a decision, and you are somewhat resistant about certain things. You don’t hurry, but calmly and quietly enjoy your life instead.

Door 2: Your path is private and independent. You can think the most efficiently when you’re alone, and you prefer to travel and go to events alone, so you don’t need to pay attention to others and have insignificant chats. You love your friends, but you need time and space to regenerate after time spent together.

Door 3: There’s a colorful, vibrant path ahead of you. You constantly need excitement, beauty and adventure, and you can’t stand boredom. You are a student of life, always learning and always questioning the things around you.

Door 4: You have chosen the excitement as your path. You always look on to the future, trying out new things, and  jumping into things rather impulsively, worrying about the consequences only later. You are an offender of rules, but others admire your charisma and love of excitement. You certainly never waste your time.

Door 5: There’s a friendly path ahead of you. Peace, tranquility and natural beauty are important to you. You don’t only rejoice in the end result, but also find pleasure in the way that leads you there, and new experiences are very important to you. You go with the flow and don’t set yourself obstacles. You try to maintain stability and the flow of energy around you, and you are good at avoiding drama and conflict.

Door 6: Your path is the path of silence. Solitude, silence and reflection are typical of you. You like to spend a long time with close friends and meet new ones. You are a true searcher, you always try to embrace new things, and you learn through life. You are a deep thinker.