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These chimpanzees see the sunlight for the first time in their lives

The chimps in the video have lived their entire lives behind bars, just as if they had been some dangerous criminals. The video clip catches the incredible reaction they have when, for the first time in 30 years, they see the sunshine, feel the grass and breathe in clean air.

Some of the animals were born in captivity, whereas others were kidnapped from the jungle when they were only babies; they were taken to Europe, and they were used in research on HIV. As soon as they arrived to their destination, they were locked in metallic cages, and they were used in countless experiments. The reason for using them was that chimpanzees are the only mammals that have their gene code 99% identical to that of humans.

The goal of the pharmaceutical company that bought them was to find a vaccination against the HIV virus. However, this is not an excuse for having these animals undergo the terrifying experiences they had to endure. They were connected to equipment that pumped various chemical products into their bodies, which in many cases destroyed their health. Several mothers of young chimpanzees succumbed to this treatment in 6 years or less.

After 30 years of suffering, the animals were saved from the laboratories and taken to a shelter where, even if not living exactly in the same conditions as in the wilderness, they will be able to roam freely.

When they see the light of the day for the first time, they hug each other with such happiness, it will melt your heart.