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Cat Rental Opens in Kiev

There are a wide range of opinions about the world’s first cat rental facility that was opened in Kiev a few days ago. According to ecologists, renting out cats is a form of animal abuse, whereas psychologists say that, on the contrary, this way more cats can find a loving master.

The idea owners are not interested in the specialists’ argument; they only count on those people who use their service; that is they borrow a cat and take them home for a day.

The service costs around 30 hrivnya, or about 2.7 Euros, but the prices differ according to the brand of the animal. After the cat has been chosen, the service provider transports it to the client’s home, and brings it back after the rental time is up.

The business owners hope that some renters will like the kitties so much that they will buy them. Their success is very doubtful, because Kiev is full of stray cats. In addition, kittens are regularly brought to the Ukrainian capital’s zoo, which can’t accept any more of them at the moment.

The cat rental hasn’t really begun yet, since, up to this point, not a single customer walked in to borrow one of the cats. But the owners are not desperate – they optimistically think the only problem is, they have just opened the business a few days ago, and the news hasn’t spread yet.