This bus crosses a mountainous area. What the camera captures is absolutely terrifying

If in your travels you ever get among the giant rocks of the Himalayas, you may discover a very unusual road. As you see in the video, a minibus runs on a narrow road carved into the hard and firm rock centuries ago, and on its way it traverses a very dangerous area.

Kishtwar National Park

The bus passes through Kishtwar National Park to reach higher elevations of the Himalayas. The Road between Kishtwar and the base camp of Kishtwar Kailash is so narrow that one wrong maneuver could cause a disaster. Only 6451 m long, this road is ranked as one of the most terrifying and spectacular ones in the world.

In some areas it is necessary for a passenger to get off the bus and guide the driver, or to make sure there aren’t any fallen boulders along the way. Because there are no railings installed along the road, precarious driving is very much advisable.

Often, the bus passes under domes carved into the rock, which seem suspended above the road. Along the road, one can be lost in admiring wonderful landscapes including rock walls, steep precipices and waterfalls of rare beauty.

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