How to build a cheap and perfect outdoor grill

Who wouldn’t like to cook outdoors in the summer? The best meals of the summer are made outside. They turn out much tastier this way and in the kitchen won’t be filled with food smells. But what is there to do if you can’t afford a garden grill right now?

You may try the simple project below for which you’ll need only concrete blocks. Look at the video below.
Place two bricks on top of each other, and then place the third one in vertical position beside them and cover them with the fourth brick.

Find a few dry twigs and make a fire in the lower cavity of the vertical brick. This way the fire is going to heat up the brick on top too.

You have just made a practical little fireplace using only four bricks. You need to place the pieces exactly as shown in the video, as this position will make the burning optimal for cooking.

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